CA Disable Parking Placard

CA Disable Parking Placard

Price:  $150
Group Price
  • 2-3 Cards, $90.00 Each
  • 4-9 Cards, $70.00 Each
  • 10+ Cards, $60.00 Each

Security Features:

  • The CA Disable Parking Placard has a holographic overlay that is difficult to replicate.
  • The Disable Person Parking Placard has an embossed “DMV” seal, which is raised and can be felt when touched.
  • The card has a unique serial number that is assigned by the DMV and can be verified by law enforcement.
  • The card has a tamper-resistant coating to prevent alteration or duplication.

Printing Material and Technology:

  • The card is printed on high-quality PVC plastic using specialized printing technology.

Valid Period:

  • The California disabled parking card is valid for up to two years from the date of issue.

Number Digit:

  • The card has a six-digit unique identification number.

What Can It Be Used For:

  • The California disabled parking card allows its holder to park in designated disabled parking spots.
  • It can be used in any vehicle the disabled person is traveling in, including a rental or borrowed car.
  • The card must be displayed on the dashboard or hung from the rearview mirror so that it is visible to law enforcement.

How to apply for a California disabled parking card?

  • To apply for a California disabled parking card, the individual must complete the Application for Disabled Person Placard or Plates (Form REG 195).
  • The form must be signed by a licensed physician, surgeon, chiropractor, optometrist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or certified nurse midwife.
  • The form can be submitted by mail or in person at a California DMV office.
  • The DMV will review the application and, if approved, issue the disabled parking card.

The Application Time

  • Mail-in application: It can take up to 60 days to receive your placard in the mail.
  • Online application: It can take up to 21 days to receive your placard in the mail.
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How to spot a fake disabled parking placard?

  • Check the color: California disabled parking placards are typically blue, while the license plate is red.
  • Look for holograms: California disabled parking placards feature a state seal and a hologram that changes when tilted.
  • Check the expiration date: A valid California disabled parking placard is valid for up to 2 years from the date of issuance. Make sure the placard hasn’t expired.
  • Check for signs of alteration: Look for signs that the placard has been tampered with, such as alterations or scratches.
  • Verify the serial number: Each California disabled parking placard has a unique serial number. You can verify the serial number with the California DMV to ensure that it is valid.

Types of DP placards:

Permanent parking placard for permanent disabilities. Valid for two years. Expires on June 30 of every odd-numbered year. You are only allowed to have one permanent placard at any given time.

Temporary parking placard for temporary disabilities. Valid for up to 180 days (six months) or until the date noted by your qualifying licensed medical professional on the application (whichever time frame is shorter). Can not be renewed more than six times in a row.

Travel parking placard for California residents who currently have a permanent DP parking placard, DP License Plates, or Disabled Veteran (DV) License Plates. Valid for 30 days from the date the placard is issued by DMV.

Travel parking placards for nonresidents who plan to travel in California and have a permanent disability and/or DV License Plates. Valid for up to 90 days or until the date noted by your licensed medical professional on the application (whichever time frame is shorter).

You may qualify for a DP placard or DP License Plates if you have impaired mobility for any of these reasons:

1、You have lost the use of one or lower extremities, or both hands.
2、You have a diagnosed disease that substantially impairs or interferes with mobility.
3、You are unable to move without the aid of an assistive device.
4、You have specific, documented visual problems, including lower vision or partial-sightedness

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