Payment Process

We have six methods of payment that you can choose from according to your needs

1. Credit card/Debit card

724id credit card Payment 1
A. Choose the Credit card/Debit card
724id credit card Payment 2
B. Please make sure you fill out with the correctly information
724id credit card payment 3
C. Then enter your phone number to create a link account, then click the optional.
724id credit card payment
D. Click the “Pay”. Congratulations, you place your order successfully. 

2. Bitcoins

724id Bitcoins payment process
If you have a Bitcoin (BTC) account with a platform such as Coinbase or Binance, you can directly transfer funds to our account. If you do not have a BTC account, Coinbase is a recommended platform to use.

3. Zelle

724id Zeller Payment Process
Proceed with these guidelines

A: Visit the “Send money with Zelle” page.

B: Choose a recipient or add a new one.

C: Specify the amount and select your funding account.

D: Confirm details and send the payment.

E: The recipient will receive a notification.

4. Venmo

724 id bank transfer process
To make a payment using Venmo:

A:Open the Venmo app on your mobile device.

B:Tap the payment icon in the top right corner.

C:Choose a recipient from your contact list or add a new one using their Venmo username, phone number, email, or QR code.

D:Enter the payment amount.

F:Add a note to the payment and include optional emoji, Bitmoji, or Holler stickers.

G:Tap “Pay” and select your funding account from your Venmo balance or default backup account.

H:Confirm the payment.

5. Western union

724id Western Union payment process

6. Bank transfer

724id provide bank transfer payment option
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